Summer Program 2021

Learn about the fun our student's had during Belltower Montessori Academy's summer program.

Summer came and went in the blink of an eye! We had an amazing time with all our in-house activities!! We started off the summer a Party In The USA. We celebrated the 4th of July by learning about the meaning of Independence Day, making firework art and watching videos about fireworks. Our Outer Space week was filled with Stars, planets, and constellations. We named the planets and learned how they go around the sun. For our Underwater Adventure we had asea captain come and share his Tide pools with the children. They were able to hold the and see how the feel. The children learned about the materials we would need to go Camping. We made a smores and went bird watching with our binoculars. Our reptile friends came to visit us as well. Some of the child held huge pythons and were able to pet turtles and lizards. We studied Farms and the animals that live on the farms. We used 3 part cards to connect the bodies of the animals, We created many farm animals by using paper plates and popsicle sticks. We made popcorn on the cob and several other farm activities. The best part was the petting zoo that came to visit. Some children even had chickens on their heads. The Volcano week was a blast. The children worked together in their classrooms to create their own volcanos and erupted them at the end of the week. The water slide was a great addition to our summer fun. The child had so much fun slipping and sliding. Thank you so much for being a part of our program. 


               School is back in session, and we are so excited to see many new and returning faces. We are happy to have a full kindergarten program this year. “All about Me” is the theme for the month. The children will be learning and sharing what makes them special and unique. We will be creating posters and family trees as well. The children will be making new friends and building stronger bonds with the old. We will be learning about the 7 continents and start to understand the globe. Using our manners and learning our classroom rules will be a big part of the learning this month as well.


 As always, we are honored that you chose Belltower Montessori Academy for your children’s education and we are excited to jump into the school year and see what new opportunities and learning experiences this year holds for us.


Thank you!


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