Summer 2019

Summer News:


Summer came and went in the blink of an eye! We had an amazing Summer Camp with exciting Summertime themes. The children began with celebrating the 4th of July by learning the lyrics to the Star-Spangled Banner, making firework art and the American Flag. Our Underwater Adventure was definitely a crowd favorite. The children made ocean creatures out of a variety of materials, even an underwater reef out of an egg carton! The Out of This World, Outer space theme brought so much creativity as well with edible constellations made from pretzel sticks and marshmallows, telescope crafts, jet packs, and water bottle galaxies. For the very first time the children were able to enjoy 4 fun-filled days of our very own private waterslide. We all enjoyed a Bubble Show, Magic Show, Reptile Show and school carnival with a Petting Zoo! Thank you, parents, for volunteering at our school carnival it was so much fun to see you get silly with the games and interact with all the children.


We have had a few new additions to the school that we are excited for you to see. We have a Rock Garden Riverbed out in the playground inspired by our "Only One You" theme week, where the children each picked out their own rock, painted it, and put back so that everyone could enjoy. This will be one of Belltower’s new school traditions and as children enroll to our school, they will be able to leave a little piece of themselves there. We are also very excited to share with you are new school library! We hope that the children enjoy this new addition and you can always stop by, pick out a book and volunteer to read to your child’s classroom.



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