September 2018

September Recap:


This has been and exciting month here at Belltower Montessori. We had a great start to our new school year. Thank you for everyone that came out to our Back to School Night! It was nice seeing all of you. It is important to get a feel of what your children do throughout the day here as they learn to grow and thrive. All our events encourage families to come out and meet our staff as well as fellow classmates as we grow a sense of community to make sure we give our children the best start possible to their growing minds. We have had some great new additions to our staff family. We have Ms. Thompson in room 7 that has joined Ms. Amtey as a co-teacher. We also have Ms. Janelle as a lead teacher in room 4 as well as Ms. Blanca as her assistant. All our new staff members have experience working with children and have brought their own unique vibrant personality ready and enthusiastic about their roles here at Belltower.


The infant toddler class merge has been transitioning smoothly. Our friends are adjusting and learning to navigate around the room while getting used to the class schedule. It is such a joy to see our young babies learning from observing their classmates just a few milestones ahead of them. Our second preprimary classroom is starting to fill up. We have lots of new friends this year full of energy and ready to learn. Our elementary school room has grown to 15 children! We are excited about our growth here at Belltower. Thank you all for the support through the adjustments.


Our enrichment programs are going great. Our primary and elementary children have opportunities to participate in enrichment programs that include computers, Spanish, music, art, and cooking. Children love learning new things and having hand on experiences.  We strive to introduce our children into many different activities to get them learning, exploring, and using their imaginations.  Please remember to sign up for snack host. Snack host reaches our students in so many ways. Our shy students get a chance to blossom and let their friends learn about them through foods they enjoy. Students also get the chance to taste foods they may not have ever tasted before.

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