November 2019

November Recap:


November was filled with so much love and thankfulness. Our See’s Candy Fundraiser was a great success. We look forward to seeing the new additions to our playground. Parent teacher conferences were very informative for the parents and the teachers. Thank you for taking advantage of this time to meet with your child’s teacher. It is a great opportunity for a one on one conversation with your child’s teacher to learn about their progress and ways you can help them at home in order to succeed in their education. Our Thanksgiving Feast is always a joy. I must say that we have the most wonderful families here at Belltower Montessori and we are beyond thankful to all of you.


In our classrooms the children were busy learning to "Fill a Bucket". Being kind and helpful to others is a very important part of the culture here at Belltower. We embrace the mixed aged groups in our classroom by teaching the children to help one another and to look to others for help. This enables us to build a strong foundation for our growing children.



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