May 2018

May Recap: 


I’m amazed we accomplished so much in such little time this month. Our month started off with our Annual Mother’s Day Tea Party. Every room was filled with love, laughter and excitement from all our children. Each room had so much to offer. One room had a dance party while another had an elegant tea party with hats and tea and proper etiquette. Dads really pulled through for our mothers that day tea by helping to serve our wonderful mothers her at Belltower.


The second week of May was devoted to our Teachers, we had Teacher Appreciation Week. We started off the week with beautiful bouquets compiled from all the children bringing in a single flower. The rooms looked and smelled beautifully! The next treat was gifts from our children and school items our teachers had on their wish lists. Along with the help of parents, we had a successful Pot Luck Lunch for our teachers. One of my favorite days was Thursday, students were to bring in a portrait of their teacher. Let’s just say we have many artists at Belltower. The children’s pictures were incredible. It was a blessing to see how much the children know and enjoy their teachers company. The last day of the week our teachers were spoiled with cards and gifts, they were so pleased and thankful for the love bestowed upon them. Teacher Appreciation week gave our teachers so much encouragement and confidence of their daily hard work and thankful for the wonderful families and children they teach.


Book fair was accompanied by our Parent Teacher Conferences the 3rd week of May. Tons of family friendly books were on display. From infant books to beginning reader books we had everything for everyone, including cookbooks for parents! We want to thank the parents who helped during book fair and appreciate the gesture, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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