March 2018

March Recap


               Wow, each month has been bigger than the last! We had so much fun this month starting with Dr. Seuss’ Spirit week. Each day we had the chance to participate on a fun filled day. The second week of March started off with Hat’s Off to Dr. Seuss, we wore our favorite hats to celebrate the day. On Tuesday, we wore a shirt that other could read. Wednesday was crazy sock day, kids got to wear mix matched socks or outrageous funky socks. On Thursday the teachers got to enjoy a nice day under the blue sky for a book reading outside on the grass. Finally, I had the chance to read a special book to each class, we also had one of our very own grandparent to read a book to our kids. They enjoyed it very much, I love to get a little animated when reading so all eyes were on me, eek!


               Spring break will be new this year at Belltower and we took in registrations for the upcoming break. We already have many fun activities for the children to do, a little different than the Montessori work we already are so great at. Spring not only has brought a new season but also has reminded us of the upcoming school year that soon will be approaching. Re-Registration has begun for the 2018-2019 school year, with our fast-growing school, registration may be limited, so we do hope you turned in your forms. Please be wary of our monthly Newsletter and emails sent out. Important information is distributed via email.


               Our 2nd Annual Egg Hunt was this month and we had a blast!! Each and every class had a chance to find eggs and play relay games outside. The rooms were filled with smiles and laughter. There was so much excitement and fun going on in each room, it was such a great sight to see so many parents participating. Thank you to everyone who helped make our day possible. We couldn’t have done it without your help and support. Our kids are truly blessed to have such a great community within our school.

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