June 2019

June Recap:


June came and went in a blink of an eye. First and foremost, we would like to thank our families for an amazing academic year! It has been an honor having your children be a part of our Belltower family. Our graduation ceremony was a huge success the children were beyond excited and we could not be prouder of all their academic achievements. The children performed beautifully and blew our expectations out of the water! We would also like to send a big thank you to our staff for all the hard work, dedication and love they give the children all year! We are very grateful for the group of wonderful ladies we have that come to work everyday and put their 100%, Thank you! Our celebration for Father’s Day, "Donuts with Dad" was so heartwarming. The children were so filled with love and could not wait to share their gifts with dad.


Enrichment was just as exciting in the month of June. We closed out the school year learning about our home state of California and what makes us so special and unique. The children practiced All-American favorites like, "The Star-Spangled Banner", "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", and Surfin USA by the Beach Boys! In Cooking, the children made fresh parfaits and learned how to make ice cream from scratch! In Art the children replicated the flag of The United States and learned why there are a certain number of stars and stripes and what they symbolize. We ended our year with a Luau Party for the entire school! The children danced and sang and had delicious food and yummy snacks! To all of our kids who are staying and joining us for July and August, we have an exciting Summer filed with new materials and themed based weeks!


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