February 2020

February Recap:


In February we invited parents and prospective parents to our yearly open house. We were very excited to have so many families join us for this occasion. This time allowed the children to demonstrate what they do at school every day. This was also a great opportunity for parents to have meaningful conversations with teachers and other parents. Another activity was our yearly Valentine’s day festivities. We had several parents participate in the classrooms to provide needed support for this occasion. The children were so happy to give valentines out to their friends and share in good food. It’s a great learning opportunity for the children to learn the value of giving.


Our enrichment program is an important part of each day. Every day the children are exposed to art, music, cooking, computers and Spanish. Some of this month’s activities included Polka dot art, music from the Asian culture, Spanish words for friendship greetings, making sushi, strawberry pancakes and friendship trail mix and focusing on math, language and reading using the computers. These lessons are a critical part of learning and developing the necessary skills to succeed in everyday life.


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