February 2018

February Recap:


This month was a fun filled month with love, friendship and excitement. We were so pleased to see so many parents, family and friends join us for our Friendship parties this month. Each class had different games and activities planned for our event. I had the pleasure of walking into each room and seeing the smiling faces of al the children. The had a great time handing out Valentine cards to one another. Our entire school was filled with hearts and pink, red and white streamers to give our school a fun feel.


Mr. John began building our sandbox this month and the children have become antsy with anticipation. He finally finished it the last week of the month and the children were thrilled to have another area they could focus their learning and imagination to build and play. We have been discussing our sandbox rules each day and needing everyone’s help keeping our sand "in the box" Mr. John also added a special little house to our toddler yard. The kids have been very enthusiastic about their new play house. We are truly blessed to have such amazing help around our school, thank you Mr. John!


As we expand our school and continue to thrive to make our program better, we implemented our new Lunch program option for all the students and family to participate or kindly decline. This will give the option to everyone to bring their own lunch from home. With this going into effect this upcoming month we do ask that you remember our "no peanut" policy. 

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