Back to School – September 2019

September Recap:


September has come and gone, and we are overjoyed with all the new families that have joined us for the new school year. We would like to thank you for contributing to our Snack Host program, the children really enjoy passing out snack and bringing what they enjoy to eat. We have also had a very successful lunch program; the children love the new diverse food items. Back to School Night was a huge success and the children could not wait to share their classrooms with parents and our teachers did an amazing job at introducing their goals and expectations for the year. Stop by and take a look at our garden they are flourishing, and the children are enjoying their lessons out in the fresh air. Our enrichment program is a big highlight of our program and the children love to create, dance, sing and eat in our Computer, Art, Music, Cooking and Spanish classes. The children enjoyed getting to know one another in each room by creating, "All about Me" booklets and paintings. They shared family photos and hung them in their classrooms which tied in perfectly to our literature book of the month "The Kissing Hand".


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