April 2018

April Recap:


We started the month of with our fun filled Day Care option for Spring Break. The children enjoyed all the exciting activities that our wonderful teachers planned for them. There were many creative art projects and sensorial activities. The children were also able to create new bonds with other children from different classrooms. Thank you to all our families that participated.


After Spring Break, we welcome many new friends to our school. A warm welcome to you all. This month the children concentrated on Australia as well as the Planet Earth. The children worked in their garden to help celebrate Earth day. They also learned the importance of recycling and keeping our planet clean.


April is also when we celebrate the "Week of the Child". The Children were excited to dress up for the different themes for the week. Monday was our Future Self Day. The children came to school dressed as their future profession. There were lots of Doctors, Nurses and Police Officers that day. Tuesday was our Sports Day.  We had many soccer players and basketball fans. On Wednesday, we had a load of fun as everyone was either dressed as their favorite Super Hero or Princess. The children all looked dashing. Twin day was adorable. The children were able to dress like their friends for the day. We even had a set of quadruplets. It was great to see all our friends in the same outfit. Friday was Decades Day! We had children dressed in outfits from the 50’s and 80’s. They were so cute.  Thank you to all the parents for helping to make that week such a success.

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