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Archived: Toddler Blog 2018-2019

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Summer 2018

Summer RecapThis summer was filled with so many fun activities. We explored science, nature, history, and geography, creating music, crafts, as well as participating in recreational sports.  Our babies explored the differences between cold and rising temperatures through water play. We also explored our outdoor surroundings and learned new songs. We learned body parts such as eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. We also participated in arts and crafts using our motor skills. We learned about the farm and the animals that live there. Our class also learned about how sea creatures and different animals play a part in helping their habitat thrive.  Enrichment for this month focused on helping students with sensory skills and Self Help. Students practiced matching skills, self-grooming, and choosing outfits.  Sensory skills were practiced as students were introduced to different textures provided in our learning materials.

September 2018

September RecapThis has been an exciting month for us here in our infant-toddler room. We made the transition of combining our infants with our walkers. This has been a great opportunity for our young babies to see the older ones reaching milestones to learn from them as we all thrive and grow together. Our topics this month were all about me and back to school. Children are creating new bonds as they grow and play together during inside and outside activities.  We are learning how to take care of our class materials and navigate around the room. Our friends in Room 3 are getting used to the routine we have here at school. We are adjusting to having a set nap time, lunch time, and time to learn. It is important during this age to stick to these routines so please work with us to try to maintain these schedules. We have been working on learning about plant life and flowers. We are learning our body parts such as our hands, feet, legs, and arms. We made beautiful works of art using our hands and feet. It was nice to see all of you that came to open house to see what we do in our classroom.

October 2018

October RecapOctober has been a fun month for our 2-year-old children. Our friends have been working hard learning the routines of the classroom and learning to respect the materials.  We also sang songs to learn about the planets and the solar system. We also had some fire fighters bring some fire engines. They brought some cool gear with them and let us use their hose.  We also practiced our fire drill routine so that we all know what to do in case of an emergency. We had some fun art projects for the fall season. Our children love painting and feeling new textures with art. We also read stories about fall leaves and why leaves change. Our friends love listening to stories. 

November 2018

November RecapNovember was a fun and exciting month for our infants and toddlers. Our kiddos are reaching new milestones everyday. November’s theme was Virtues and Values.  We focused on being kind to ourselves and others. This lesson is important in this room as children are learning their emotions and how to communicate better every day. We also focused on putting things back in the proper place on the selves after we use them. We also focused on our 5 senses. It is also important that we get on regular routines in this classroom. As infants and toddlers grow it is important to have a routine, so they know what to expect next. We ask all of you to keep napping routines in mind at drop off. A kiddo that sleeps in and gets here late is not going to want to stay on their cot at naptime. Also keeping the routine at school will also help with routines at home.

December 2018

December RecapDecember was filled with so many fun activities as we celebrated the new season.  The children were so excited to be here with the new learning opportunities. The theme for December was Celebrations from around the World. The children learned about all the different Celebrations and Holiday’s celebrated by the different cultures our world has. We have started to integrate an early love for reading as we read books and have story time with your young friends. They learn to follow along while listening. Our holiday arts and crafts focused developing their fine motor skills. Our Montessori lessons focused on sensory skills and Self Help. Students practiced their matching skills as well as self-grooming and picking out outfits!  Sensory skills were practiced as students had to match colors and shapes together. We focused on being kind and giving to others.

January 2019

January Recap: January was a fun month for our young friends here at Belltower. The theme for December was Winter, Snow. and Ice. The children learned about all the season and what happens during winter. We showed the children how snow and ice is created. We will also go over the differences Between Winter and Summer. We also worked on introducing literature, slowly incorporating speech skills, and abilities to follow along.  We also focused on motor skills by cleaning up after themselves. Students practiced their matching skills by matching socks and mittens.  Sensory skills were practiced through many different activities while incorporating body movements.

February 2019

February Recap: February was Cultural Awareness and friendship month. The children learned

about all the different cultures and explored pictures of different regions around the world. We read books about Asia and the Lunar New Year. We talked about friendship and how to be a good friend to your classmates. The children gave hugs and soft touches as a grace and curtesy lesson. Language is always an enormous part of our daily lessons. Encouraging speech and verbal responses helps the children better communicate.

Children practiced their gross motor skills by cleaning up after themselves. They helped wipe off tables and picked up their work off the floor. Students practiced their matching skills with games and puzzles. Sensory skills were through many different activities focusing on hard and soft. February was about giving the children new knowledge about different cultures and the beauty of friendship. The children were so excited with all the new learning opportunities they had.

March 2019

March Recap: In March our class learned about the African Savannah and its ecosystem. During circle time we talked the different species native to the region. During circle time the children were shown flashcards with different animals that live in the Savannah. They pointed to the animals that they recognized and would say, “Lion, Roar”, “Zebra”, “Elephant” etc.! The children were introduced to the different climates of Africa like the hot temperatures of the desert and the heavy rainfalls. We sang songs like the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” to tie in the concept of rain and simultaneously work on fine motor skills.  We are continuing to promote speech skills by having the children attempt to follow along during circle time and participate. For our Montessori lessons we focused on self-help skills. The children have been putting their own sheets and blankets away, they threw away their trash after lunch and helped pick up the playground before coming in. We are so proud that they are becoming more independent and are aware of their environment. Individually the children have been grouping by both colors and objects as well as mastering their matching skills.

April 2019

April Recap: In April, the children learned about recognizing numbers 1-5 and counting in sequence. We are working on grouping objects by color and size. The children are continuing to work towards independence by picking up after themselves and putting their dirty dishes away and back into their lunch bags. Our focus in March was volcanoes and islands, the children got to explore them firsthand by participating in a large group chemistry project. We made our own vinegar and baking soda volcano using a party hat! The children’s faces lit up when they saw the volcano “erupt” and jumped around of excitement.

For Earth Day we discussed the importance of recycling and being kind to nature. During circle time we showed the children a piece of trash and an empty water bottle and explained how you could reuse the water bottle by putting more water in it but could do nothing with the piece of trash. Following that discussion and activity we used recycled shapes to make an art project and incorporated finger painting! Enrichment for this month was based on picking up trash and feeling the different elements of the Earth like the grass, dirt, rocks and water on the

playground. We used natural elements for our math lessons like rocks, sticks and leaves to grasp the child’s interest. Thank you, parents, for participating in the “Week of the Young Child”, the children really enjoyed themselves and loved searching for eggs during our school wide Easter Hunt!

May 2019

May Recap: May with our toddlers was so much! They are growing and thriving in so many ways and are individually learning so many new concepts. Our focus this month was South America and whales. We incorporated whales all throughout our curriculum, like counting whales 1-10, dancing to the “Whale Song”, by moving our bodies in a swimming motion and our favorite of all singing “Baby Beluga”. We continued to work on their recognition of numbers, colors, shapes and sign language. The children were
shown how to sign “hello”, “mommy”, “water”, “more” and “goodbye”. 

Montessori lessons were focused around self-help skills. We modeled how to wipe our face and pull up our pants after diapering, how to drink out of a cup and wipe down a table after snack and lunch. In math we sorted colored feathers, frogs and seashells by object and color. For enrichment the children danced to Latin music and their favorite was using all the new instruments and learning how each one of them was used. All of the teachers in room 3 would like to thank you for all the amazing and thoughtful gifts we received for Teacher Appreciation Week, the snacks were so yummy! We were so happy to spend Mother’s Day with so many of our moms and dad volunteers. Thank you for always participating and taking time out of your busy schedules!

June 2019

June Recap: June was focused on community helpers and how they keep our community safe, clean and in working order. The children enjoyed our circle time discussions on community helpers such as police officers, fire fighters, doctors and mail carriers and much more. For our self-help skills, we continued to review lessons on throwing away our trash after our meals and reminded them to always say “Please” and “Thank you”! We would like to thank all the dads that joined us for our “Donuts with Dad” celebration the kids were very happy to see you come in.  We reviewed the proper way to use a toothbrush and how and why it is important to apply sunscreen when it is hot outside. We ended our academic year with reviewing our numbers from 1-10 in sequence, sorting by color, size and object and refining both our fine and gross motor skills. The children have shown tremendous growth in all areas and we are very proud and honored that we have been able to guide them along the way.

Summer 2019

Summer News: Summer is here and we have many exciting activities planned for the children! We will have many fun-filled water play activities, as well as exciting shows for the children to take part of.  Please remember to bring sunscreen, water shoes, a bathing suit and extra clothes, we can’t wait to get Summer started!

The Montessori Method

“I did not know much about the Montessori  method.  As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring!  My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”


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