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Archived: Pre-Primary #4 Blog 2019-2020

Summer 2019

Summer RecapThis summer has been filled with so many fun activities. We began the summer by talking about the American flag. We discussed its colors and shapes; we see when studying it. The children then were able to create their own flags. We followed this with the theme, “Undersea Adventure”. The children helped create a sensory sand bottle, where they shake the bottle and are able to uncover little treasures inside. We participated in a bubble show, created turtle and seashell art, and were able to watch Finding Nemo. We conducted our own sink and float experiment. Our space adventure week was so fun. We created a galaxy sensory bottles, painted our moons with foil and paint, and created paper mache rockets. We had an in house magic show and watched Wall-E. In August we read the book “Only One You.” We decorated rocks for our rock path on the playground and emphasized the significance of their individuality. We progressed through the month talking about farms and their animals. We made dirt cups for snack and they colored their own farms. We shucked our own corn and created corn art. The children loved learning and singing the song, “Old Mcdonald”. Spirit week was a blast, we had mismatch Monday, sports day Tuesday, crazy hair day Wednesday, crazy socks day Thursday, and pajama day on Friday. Our end of summer carnival was also a great success. Seeing everybody come together and enjoying an evening of fun was so awesome. The last week of summer we had Fitness Fun week with yoga, bring a ball to school, and Gross Motor Bingo.  We want to make sure that we are fit and ready for the new Academic Year.

September 2019

September RecapHello families! The first month of school has already come and gone. The children have already found their favorite materials and are becoming quite comfortable in the classroom. The month of September was filled with so many activities. We created our own busses and filled out our, “All About Me” packets. As you saw on kid reports, they loved sharing about themselves and their family. We created a class mural of handprints and sent home a tree for our friends to create fingerprint Apple’s with their families. We read, “The Kissing Hand” and enjoyed talking about how much we love our families. Practical life was filled with bowling balls in order to practice fine motor skills. Along with spooning beans and using tongs and pom poms. In order to master depth perception and sensory skills, we learned to work with knobbed cylinders. In language, we covered the letters a, b, c and d, along with words that cover these letters. We learned a continent song and discovered the difference between land and water. The children enjoyed getting to know one another throughout the month.

October 2019

October RecapThe month of October was filled with Spooktacular activities. The feeling of fall was in full effect this month. We went on leaf hunts and used fall themed materials to spruce up our classroom work areas. The book of the month was, “We’re going on a leaf hunt”. Our children learned about the function of their hands, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. We expanded on what we know about feelings and what to say when we are feeling a certain way. There was a special emphasis on how we use our words to communicate our thoughts and feelings. These small activities tied in together nicely to show them that all our body parts together make a whole. We used tongs, tweezers, spoons, and clothespins to refine our fine motor skills. The children enjoyed practicing their letter sounds e through h, along with tracing them with sandpaper letters. Our art projects were a hit, especially with our googly eyed spiders. We also made watermelons and did a free paint inspired by classical music. The children loved making Halloween inspired art and singing along to spooky songs.  We talked about North America in relation to the globe and the Montessori map. Our favorite songs were our “Continent song”, “Head and Shoulders”, and “I Like to Eat”. We practiced counting with the number rods and the spindle work. In sensorial We practiced working with the pink tower and broad staircase. It was especially fun to see how tall the towers could get. We finished off the month reviewing letters a thru I and our Halloween parade. The kids were so excited to show off all their costumes and share spooky snacks with their classmates. Thank you for all the contributions you have made to our class. October was a great month.

November 2019

November Recap:  November was filled with festive activities. Our theme was “Harvest and Healthy Bodies”. We talked about the importance of eating healthy meals. The kids also expressed how much they love to dance, exercise, and stretch. We talked a lot about pumpkins, leaves, and turkeys. We created leaf artwork and veggie prints with bell peppers. Our continent song is still such a hit and we coupled it with the song, “The 5 Little Pumpkins” and “We Are Thankful”. We read the book “Fill a Bucket” and discussing ways to fill our friends or family’s buckets. The children have enjoyed learning about the letters “i”, “j” and “k” and discovering words that begin with these letters. We have expanded our alphabet lessons with the “ABC sounds” song by Barbara Milne and the children just love it.   Our Montessori lessons are coming along nicely. We have practiced leaf sorting, fruit and vegetable cutting (all Velcro), and setting the table in practical life. In language, we have been using our fine motor skills while tracing letters “i”, “j” and “k”. For math, we had a Thanksgiving themed number puzzle that the children have enjoyed tremendously. We worked on our sandpaper numbers and number matching. Science and culture have been all about the distinction between land and water. We worked with a magnifying glass to examine leaves and explored our map puzzle along with pumpkin sorting. We have all been very excited for the upcoming holidays and creating beautiful pieces of art to share with our families. The Harvest Feast was a delight and we thank you for your participation.  

December 2019

December Recap: December was filled with “chilly” activities considering the theme, Seasons and Holidays. During circle time we talked about all seasons but focused mainly on winter. We discussed the climate during winter and what we should wear during this time of year. We followed this with conversations about holidays celebrated in the month of December. Everybody has been so excited about the snow on our mountains. It could not have snowed at a better time for discussion about snow and how it is so cold. Many friends talked about seeing snow and how they wanted to go back and build another snowman. During circle time we touched on the continent Europe and its location on our continent globe. We also talked about animals such as the lynx and the red fox which can be found in Europe. The kids had the opportunity to do matching in botany regarding European plants. The children enjoyed refining their fine motor skills with activities such as nuts and bolts and stringing beads. In language we practiced tracing sandpaper letters I, m, and n. We also practiced new and known words the begin with these letters. In math we reviewed the number rods up to 5. In science and culture, we sorted the season and weather cards. We also looked at the difference between ice and snow. The kids enjoyed making art projects that included a triangle collage, making holiday decorations and creating snowflakes for snow art. We enjoyed celebrating and singing together at our holiday recital. Thank you again for your participation in our snack host program. 

January 2020

January Recap:  The month of January was focused on Winter Animals and Hibernation. We had several activities to go along with this theme. During circle time we talked about Animals habitats discussing where animals live, hibernation and cold weather. The children were presented with questions such as “Which animals live in the cold weather?” “Which animals hibernate?” and “How do animals prepare for hibernation?”  While we discussed animal life and how they live, many friends talked about the animals that they have seen and know.   Our Montessori lessons included tracing “o”, “p”, “q” and “r” with sandpaper letters. We also sounded out words that they begin with these letters. In math we reviewed numbers up to 5 and in science we looked at the globe and a map. Our practical life consisted of lacing and folding. We practiced lacing using a lacing board and stringing beads and we practiced folding our blankets after naptime. During art we made penguins, mittens, and colored caves. The kids enjoyed making their art projects.

February 2020

February RecapFebruary was focused on Cultural Awareness and Friendship which were our topics for the month. Some children brought items such as clothing, game cards, and artifacts from their cultures. For example, a Chinese Hat, a New Year’s Eve Chinese Dragon and a traditional Rattle Drum Spin Toy. One of our friends brought in a Mexican flour warmer made from cloth with writings in Spanish. Another friend brought in a Hawaiian dance outfit and a blouse from the Philippines. We also had some items from India and the flag of Iran. We discussed Friendship and playing together nicely and being kind to one another. We enjoyed our open house and Valentine’s day party! Thank you to our parents who attended. For art, we painted the map of Asia and made handprints to make flowers for our Friendship Tree.For Montessori work various jobs was introduced. For Language we worked on Sandpaper “s, t, u, v” along with picture matching. For Sensorial we worked on Knobbed Cylinders and Broad Stairs. For Practical Life we worked on water pouring and carrying a rug.

March 2020

March NewsOur topics during March will include the Rainforest and South America. Montessori work will include small spooning, pouring-dry, small tonging, and pouring water for Practical Life. Counting coins and reviewing number rods 1-5 for Math. We will also discuss Rainforest animals and what makes them different along with the food and music of South America.

The Montessori Method

“I did not know much about the Montessori  method.  As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring!  My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”


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