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Archived: Elementary Blog 2019-2020

Summer 2019

Summer RecapSummer has come to an end and it was amazing! We were busy exploring under the sea, blasting off into outer space, having fun on the farm, and jumping into fitness. We began summer by celebrating The Fourth of July by discussing the history of our nation, and why we celebrate this special day. We had fun creating our own fireworks with paint and painting with stars. After the Fourth of July holiday we learned about the different life under the sea and ways we can help keep our ocean clean. We made jellyfish, turtles, fish and sharks. We had an amazing Bubbleologist come to our school, who showed us giant bubbles and then let us create our own. The next week we had fun blasting off into outer space. We explored different constellations, painted the moon, made rockets, and learned all about the different planets. A magician came and had us all amazed with the tricks he did. The children learned so much about what makes them special during our “Only One You” week. We created self-portraits and painted a rock that we will add to our stone riverbed outside next to our gardens. The children had fun learning about life down on the farm. We made chicken puppets, made our own ice cream and butter, had reptiles visit our school, and learned how to “milk a cow.” The children had such a blast participating in spirit week and had tons of fun at the school carnival. We ended our summer learning about fitness. The children got physical and learned some great beginner techniques on how to have a healthy active lifestyle. The summer favorites were the water play and waterslide days, they loved playing in the water and having their own private water slide. We all had an amazing summer and are so excited to jump back into work mode and to welcome our new friends into the classroom.  Now that summer has come to an end, we are ready to kick off a new school year. We are excited to welcome some new faces into the classroom and I look forward to getting know each one of you.

September 2019

September RecapSeptember is over and we made it through the first month of school. We loved getting to know our new friends. The children have been busy learning the rules and routine of the classroom. We explored our families and worked on an “All About Me” project. We started focusing on our physical fitness by having PE time every morning. The children have been building their independence in the classroom, by working on their own and challenging themselves in the classroom. The children have been nourishing new friendships and have been bonding together as a class. I would like to thank everyone who came for our Back to School Night. It was so fun having your children show you around the classroom and have you observe what a day is like for them. Our new snack host calendar has been working so well, and I would like to thank you all for participating and helping your child be the host for the day. The students have been busy learning about the seven continents, going over the calendar routine everyday, and have been learning how to read a clock. The children are learning to care for the classroom by having a classroom job. Everyday each child has a different job to help care for the classroom. We have begun writing in our journals everyday, which is giving the children a good opportunity to follow a writing prompt. The children have started working with food prep jobs in practical life which help the child prepare and serve a snack to their classmates.

October 2019

October RecapOctober was such a fun and special month. We celebrated Halloween all month long by making crafts and reading silly spooky stories. We had a few Halloween themed science experiments and explored the parts of a pumpkin firsthand. The bookfair was a great success and we are so thankful and excited for all the new books that were gifted to the classroom. October kicked off our monthly homework projects. It was so much fun seeing everyone get creative with their pumpkins. Our snack host program is still working out beautifully and we are so thankful for your participation with that. The costume parade and party were such a great day. The children loved dressing up in their costumes and parading around the school. We also had a great time making a chocolate haunted house together as a class. In October, we were busy learning about different nocturnal animals. We learned that nocturnal means an animal is active during the night and sleeps during the day. We discussed bats, and owls. We learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and were able to discover the parts of the pumpkin firsthand in the classroom. The children loved exploring and playing with the different parts of the pumpkin. We had fun with Halloween themed science experiments and spent the month making different Halloween crafts. We explored the continent of North America, discussing the different animals and types of people that call this continent home.

November 2019

November Recap:  The end of 2019 is fast approaching. In November, we discussed how to maintain healthy bodies by eating nutritious foods. We studied the food pyramid and then made one of our own. Our PE curriculum consisted of learning how to do breathing and stretching exercises as well as simple cardio exercises like jumping jacks, jogging, and high kicks. We learned about why we celebrate Thanksgiving and discussed what it means to be thankful. We created thankful books and made placemats in preparation of our Thanksgiving Feast. We also studied parts of the tree and learned about the traditional Fall vegetables, gourds, and pumpkins. We were also busy learning about the 50 states in November. We learned a few facts about each state and studied their state flags. The children loved creating their state maps and were so proud of their hard work. We also created a class flag together. We experimented with color mixing by conducting a walking water science experiment. The children continued their daily writing in their journals. I am so proud of their work and creativity. In PE, we begin yoga and practiced breathing and learning how to keep our bodies calm and relaxed.

December 2019

December RecapDecember went by in a flash. We had such a busy and fun month. We spent time learning about different holidays celebrated around the world and focused mainly on Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. We learned that Hanukkah is celebrated over 8 nights to honor the miracles that occurred many years ago. We also learned that they eat traditional foods that are usually fried in oil. They spin the dreidel, and they receive chocolate coins and exchange gifts. They burn a candle every night on a Menorah.  We also studied Kwanzaa. We learned that Kwanzaa is not a holiday, but that it is a time for people to celebrate their culture and its history. Kwanzaa lasts 7 days, December 26th to January 1st. People usually decorate their homes in the colors of the Pan-African flag and wear traditional clothing. Kwanzaa uses a candle holder called the kinara which holds seven candles, three red, three green and one black one. We made Christmas crafts which included, Christmas trees, candy canes, ornaments, and cinnamon ornaments. We made our own gingerbread houses using graham crackers, icing, pretzels, and different candies. We discussed ways to give back during the holidays and what we can do to help people who are less fortunate than us. We listened to classic Christmas carols all month and were busy focusing on our songs for the Christmas performance. The children did such a great job singing their songs, and we thank everyone who came and shared in that special moment with us. Santa made a surprise visit to the classroom and the children were so excited to see him.

January 2020

January Recap:  January has come to an end. We had a great first month of the year. In January we explored winter animals and hibernation. We learned about Antarctica, studied different penguins, arctic animals and explored icebergs and ice shelves. We experimented with ice and all things cold. The children had a blast making snow together as a class. We also made winter themed crafts such as creating our own snowflakes, making penguins and making snowmen. For homework, each child was assigned a habitat to explore and create their own diorama. These projects will be completed at home and presented in class during the month of February. In January we studied arctic animals. We first learned about polar bears. We learned that they swim, not only to stay cool, but also because they love swimming. We learned about different arctic animals living in the arctic circle, such as arctic foxes, puffins, walruses, and beluga whales. We created our own Polar Bear snack out of ice cream, vanilla wafers, and chocolate chips. We continued working on our journals daily, and the students were introduced to word problems.

February 2020

February RecapIn February the students spent the month discussing friendship, cultural awareness, learning how to be a good friend and celebrating our classroom friendships. We studied the continent of Asia along with studying the plants and animals that call that continent home. Animals like the Panda Bear, Asian Elephants, Clouded Leopards, and the Bengal Tiger. We also studied some of the plants found in Asia like bamboo and ginger. We learned about the water cycle and had a hands-on lesson that was displayed in the classroom. We studied Lunar New Year and why it’s celebrated and what the celebration represents. We made Chinese lanterns and had a special cooking project where we made “sushi” using bread, cream cheese, and jelly. The students finished their habitat projects from January, and everyone did such an amazing job. The students loved telling their friends all about the habitat they studied and created. We did a class science project to study how clouds make rain, and the children loved seeing how the “rain” fell from the clouds. We had a great Valentine’s party. Thank you to all the parents that provided snacks and treats for our Valentine’s celebration. During enrichments we studied the Asian culture. We listened to music, studied and created art and made “sushi”. One of our friends was so excited to study the Asian culture! She was able to lead some of the lessons for the class. The children enjoyed making a Panda bear head out of heart shapes and creating dot art after studying Yayoi Kusama, The “Queen of Polka Dots”. We also made a friendship wreath out of handprints and made strawberry pancakes.  

March 2020

March NewsWe are ready to take on March. We will be studying the continent of South America. We will learn about the different types of people that call South America home. We will discuss the rainforest, the different layers in the rainforest, and the weather and temperatures. We will spend the month celebrating Dr. Seuss. We will have Dr. Seuss themed crafts and cooking projects. The homework for this month will be science projects that your child will complete at home and then discuss with their friends. We will learn about the types of questions you ask when doing a science experiment and the children can take that information home with them to use on their own experiments.  

The Montessori Method

“I did not know much about the Montessori  method.  As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring!  My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”


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