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Archived: CH#6 Blog 2019-2020

Summer 2019

Summer RecapThis summer has been so much fun! Children were able to beat the heat during multiple water slide and splash days. In July, we had a Bubbleologist come to school and give an outstanding bubble show with bubbles of all sizes! Everyone was very entertained and loved every second of it! Children were also able to see a fun magic show where the magician was able to turn a $1 bill into a $100 bill, and even made a bunny come out of an empty box! In August, Children participated in a reptile show where they were able to see and pet all kinds of different reptiles. Our summer themes have also been fun and engaging for students! We celebrated America during our “Party in the USA” theme. Students were taught the Star-Spangled Banner and learned about the different colors of the flag and what they stand for. During our “Underwater Adventures” theme students made jellyfish out of coffee filters and curling ribbon; having those up in the classroom made the room feel like we were underwater! We also modeled a “sink or float” work and created underwater themed egg carton dioramas. Our “Blast-Off to Outer Space” theme was out of this world! Children had the opportunity to make star constellations out of pretzel sticks and mini marshmallows, they looked amazing! We also made a galaxy bottle with star confetti in them and they turned out neat. The “Only One You” theme was inspired by the book, “Only One You” by Linda Kranz and was all about celebrating who we are as individuals. Children created self-portraits and painted rocks for our new rock path on the playground. This summer we also took a trip to the farm during our “Down on the Farm” theme where children learned about animals and life on a farm. In addition to this the   children also learned how to shuck corn, which they thought was very cool! During our “School Spirit Week” it was so fun to see everyone come to school with their crazy outfits and hair, sport gear and pajamas. During this week we also had our end of summer carnival! Big thanks to all who came and celebrated with us. Our final week of summer was a week full of “Fitness Fun” where children learned all about the importance of exercise. We learned lots of new Yoga poses and had fun learning how to use our gross motor skills!

September 2019

September RecapThe first month of our school year has now passed. It has been great getting to know new friends and creating stronger friendships with our friends that were with us during our summer program. Back to School Night was a great opportunity to get to know the families of the children in our room as well as getting to know what we do here in room 6 on a regular basis. It is important to build a sense of community as we grow and learn together.  In September we focused on our family tree. The children talked about their families, who are in their families, and who lives with them. Children learned that people come from different cultures and do things in their own special way. As a class we went over the parts of an apple and shared a yummy snack at the end of the lesson. For our Montessori work, were taught the children how to clean up after themselves, serve lunch and snacks for their classmates, wash dishes, wait for their turn, and share things .We also focused on learning about the continents and the names of the oceans. We used globes to show children these concepts for better understanding and deeper learning! Our book of the month was “The Kissing Hand” which is focuses on children starting school and facing separation.

October 2019

October RecapOctober has been a fun and exciting month. The children have enjoyed creating stronger bonds and friendships with their peers. We talked daily about our calendar, the days of the week, the date, and the year. We focused on the 5 senses and how they are so vital to our life. We also did many activities in relation to the Fall season; we learned the life cycle of a pumpkin and the parts of the pumpkin using nomenclature cards. We did a project that focused on land vs. water and made an island and lake out of clay. When the clay dried, we poured the water in the correct places and the children were able to distinguish the two. The activity gave the children a hands-on visual to understanding the difference between lakes and oceans. We studied about North America and the flags, also the animals, people and vegetation involved with this continent. We also have improved our outside garden and we cannot wait to see what will grow in the following months. The book of the month was, “We are Going on a Leaf Hunt” and there are lots of beautiful Fall leaves to find! Three friends have a big adventure hiking over a mountain and through a forest to collect leaves of all kinds and colors. What will they do with all their leaves at the end of the story? Jump and play in them, of course! Also, our children had so much fun on Halloween party with their family and friends. Everyone was dressed up and full of giggles. Thank you so much parents for all your help. Your children really enjoy having you come and help at school in their class. We had a door decorating contest in the school as well. All the classrooms did a wonderful job. Thank you for again for your votes. We would also like to thank all our families for your donations of books to our classroom. Every year you help grow our classroom library.

November 2019

November Recap:  In November, we learned about the United States, California, and the culture of America. We discussed the types of food that help our bodies grow and keep us strong. We read books about getting rest, eating healthy, and exercise. We also discussed how to help others at school, at home, and in our communities. We talked about the importance of being honest, having integrity, and working together. Our class had fun creating our turkey projects and a food pyramid. We assisted the children with cutting out pictures of food from ads and gluing them onto our food pyramid.    The Montessori lessons we focused on were washing hands, properly blowing our noses, sitting at the table, and cleaning the table after meals. These lessons help children become responsible and respectful of their environment and are part of the Grace & Courtesy curriculum. “Fill a Bucket” is the book we read to encourage the children to fill their friends/families’ emotional buckets. This book helps the children experience the joys of giving and receiving. We also talked about the things we are thankful for. We had a great time during our Thanksgiving Feast. Each child enjoyed decorating a placemat with a fall theme.  

December 2019

December Recap December was filled with crafty adventures in room 6. We discussed the different celebrations around the world including Kwanzaa, Hanukah, as well as the tradition of Christmas. We had discussions and read books about these traditions and celebrations. During circle time each person discussed their own traditions and how they celebrate. We also worked hard creating a special holiday gift for you to keep for years to come. Several Montessori lessons were incorporated in the holiday fun including parts of a reindeer, for Zoology and studying Douglas Firs and pinecones during our botany lessons. Our book of the month was “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. We had discussions about the meaning of giving and how we can give back.

January 2020

January Recap:  January was a great jumpstart to the new year here at Bellower. We are ready to kick our learning into gear. Our theme for month of January was winter animals and hibernation. Our friends also had a great time studying Martian Luther King Jr. Our discussions consisted of winter, animals, hibernation, snow, and ice and of course, MLK “I Have a Dream”. We talked about appropriate attire for cold weather, penguins and polar bears and which animals hibernate for the winter. The children did some activities about Antarctica and the animals that live there. We read the book The Mitten along with other books about animals and snowmen. During our Montessori lessons the children created snowmen, snowflakes, and polar bears.  Thank you all for participating in Snack Host. The children love passing out the tasty snacks that they bring to their classmates. Participating in snack host allows the children to increase verbal communication opportunities as well as working on social skills. These are crucial years for development of social, emotional and communication skills. The sign-up sheet for snack host is posted on the classroom parent information board.

February 2020

February RecapDuring circle time in February, our class discussed cultural awareness and friendships. We talked about the different cultures in our rooms and how they celebrate with their families. We asked questions like, “Where does your family live?”, “What do you eat?” and “Do you have a special song?”. Our book of the month was Little Blue Little Yellow, which taught the children the value of friendship and introduced them to the concept of primary and secondary colors. We did a group art project where the children mixed Blue and Yellow paint to see what color they could create. We want to thank all our amazing parents for bringing items in for our Valentine’s Day party. The children had a blast making Valentine’s Day cards, so we really hope you enjoyed them! For Montessori lessons we discussed the seven continents and the children studied the Asian continent. We read a book about Chinese New Year and the children brought traditional Chinese items from home to share with the class. The children also explored our class cultural box and learned about India and the Taj-Mahal. The children had a great time listening to Indian and Japanese music during enrichment. During circle time we talked about who our friends were and what are some nice things we do for them.

March 2020

March NewsIn March we are studying the rainforest and the animals that live in south America. During circle time we will read books that illustrate some of the habitats and discuss the food chain.  In honor of Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, we will ask the children to bring in their favorite Dr. Seuss books and share it during circle time.  Gardening is one of the children’s favorite activities. We will be planting tomatoes, basil, bell peppers and cucumbers. We look forward to all of the activities we have!

The Montessori Method

“I did not know much about the Montessori  method.  As I learned more, I was surprised how it works! Kids were always busy learning and exploring!  My son was actually sitting and learning and enjoying!”


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