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OUR programs

Toddler Program:

Our Toddler Program starts at the age of 18 months and continues until 36 months of age.  Our Directress’s provide your toddler with constant support and encouragement to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and their overall values.  Our Toddlers are given the best of care and nurturing to create a peaceful, fun and exploratory environment while they are here at school.  As toddler development progresses rapidly and changes quickly, our Directress’s use a daily communication from to exchange information with parents and chart the needs of these children until they transition into our preprimary program.

Pre-Primary Program:

Children ages 2 to 3 years old will be considered for enrollment into the Pre-Primary Program.  This program is a training program designed to help prepare the children for the Montessori Primary environment.   The children in the Pre-Primary program don’t have to be toilet trained.   However, they must show a social maturity to adapt to the group interactions and activities. Our Pre-Primary children are encouraged to be independent and learn important skills such as socializing, sharing, using their words, and toilet training.  As the child’s development progresses, master language, toilet skills, and respect and knowledge of the materials, they will be considered for a promotion into the Primary program.

 Primary Program:

 Children ages 3 to 6 years old will be considered for enrollment into the Primary Program. Children need to be completely toilet trained and must show a social maturity to adapt to the group interactions and activities. Our preschoolers will have the opportunity to develop their skills in:  Practical Life, Sensorial, Geography/Science, Language and Mathematics.  Following the Montessori philosophy throughout their time at Belltower Montessori Academy, we will encourage a daily respect for their Directress’s, friends and the environment.

Elementary Program:

 Student’s who stay for our elementary program have the third year of the primary curriculum to build on and continue their learning through individualized learning plans created by the Directress. She will help your child balance new lessons while practicing previously mastered lessons in Language, Math and Cultural and bring the learning into the lower elementary curriculum. In addition, the elementary students will work on a monthly learning project to demonstrate an area of their focused learning throughout the month. PE, Gardening, Social Skills and Virtues & Values are also part of the older student’s curriculum throughout the day.

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